Wholonomics Initial GiftCurrent Offer

Current donation: $43,067
Total amount of donations: $15,000
Total $43,067
0 $15,000

GiftCurrent Allocation

Use of CrowsFunding

Token Sale30%
Reserve Capital20%

Funds Allocation

Token Sale30%
Reserve Capital20%


  • Ease of Use
    Giftcurrents will be available to exchange for everything available through the IperdToken Portex..
  • Transfer Securely
    Includes a network protocol which establishes an encrypted tunnel allowing to log in to a computer and making data transfer safe.
  • Everythig Available
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Wholo Giftcurrent Summary

Thw Wholonomics GiftCurrent offering is intended to prototype Civilization 3.0 through the Portexes as outlined in https://www.wholonomics.io

peer-to-peer between users directlythrough the use of cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

Token Offer - 46.000.000 60%
UTO Bounties - 11.500.000 30%
Post-UTO Community Reserve - 23.000.000 40%
Post-UTO Community Building - 23.000.000 35%

Wholonomics Global Expansion

Wholonomics is a complex of related offerings that encompass the neccessary ingredients to empower the next phase of Civilization.

Global Coverage


Big Partnerships


Benefits for Everyone

The blockchain is a public ledger that records hoverex transactions. The maintenance of the blockchain is performed by a network of communicating nodes running hoverex software.

This allows hoverex software to determine when a particular cryptocurrency amount has been spent, which is necessary in order to prevent double-spending in an environment without central oversight.



This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • 2009

    Creation of the idea of

  • 2012

    The prototype of
    Wholonomics done

  • Q1.2018

    Start of Wholonomics GiftCurrents

  • Q3.2019

    Launch of Initial GiftCurrent Offer

  • Q3.2019

    Launch of the education and
    information Wholonomics resource pool

  • Q4.2019

    Launch of IperDtokens and MultiDcurents

  • Q1.2020

    Launch of IperDtokens and CoheroGen

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