Humanity thus we have over thousands of years been programmed by Pyranomics, Core Paradigm of Civilization 2.0 – . See Portal 25 Pyranomic Deconstruction

Wholonomics is a fundamental step for Civilization. Here through these Portexes we are viewing Civilization 3.0 in a naked kind of way, from a Wholonomic Paradigm perspective. 

We can ask, “What is The Whole”? Does it exist? Through the Wisdom Teachings we understand Whole to be Similar to Logos, so the Whole is both the world and the mechanisms of Creation. The whole is beyond zero and infinity. The whole self references through Creation. World and Divine in one word.

Wholonomics is thus the Science and the Art and the Economics of The World and the Divine as One

Wholonomics includes Subjective Human Nature, the Natural World, and the Unseen Realms.

The Whole is the community of all living beings including our societies.

Wholonomics.io is addressed to beings who want to understand and want to implement Civilization 3.0 mass awakened understanding, open-mindedness, collectively a more positive life. They want to Combine Compassion with Intelligence, They are about Embracing the Experimental. Available to be inspired by their Source. Beings who are “Alt-Up-Alt-All”.

Those craving to commit to a movement that is powerful and catalytic, creative and original, historical and epic in scope.

That you are reading this means this Message can be introduced to millions of responsive souls. You are invited in a spontaneously coherent manner to reach out to launch Wholonomics as NetsWorths of Open-System Collective Projects.

Thousands of Activated Agents we call forward across the world. Portex-Initiating Visionaries, Wholoshipsinspired to absolutely create an actual new foundation of Civilization, Wholonomics, Science, Art and most importantly the Economics of the Whole.

Because this is so radical a proposition is no reason to gloss over this. 

We perfect Wholonomics through Teams translating into languages and designs understood by everyone. 

Understand and join with us to share your gifts, our fun freeing our possibilities…

We are calling for a beneficent Humanity, a galactic gift for Humanity.

We integrate and evolve Wholonomics Portexes together, across-scale.

Help spread-broadcast-create Wholonomics so we can reach Critical Wealth suddenly and exponentially.

the restoration and renewal of wholeness providing

a passage to transubstantiate dead capital,

reverse the destruction of communities and ecosystems

by renewing Living Currents of living systems.

We design new spaces of exchange with economic democracy, re-embedding human and life welfare with our intimates, community and earth family.

Our survival requires that we properly define what has value. What has real value is that which feeds well-being. This we can symbolize…tokenize…account for it.

Currents design values cause “well-being to fill the space”.

Current Designs perfect resource distribution. Efficient Currents conditions can achieve sustainability by shareable fields.

A function of Currents is to represent the sustainable flow of human expression balanced by resource fulfillment.

Current distribution originates self-organizing intelligence, a collective negentropy. Currents healing human energy represent the success of the collective energy field.

Cohering to the point of sustainability, negentropic Wholonomics is the path from chaos to coherent mind making. Current flows being “Wholo’Fractal” can maintain sustainability.

Currents source values for perfect distribution and sharing to best use. Here is our philosophic base to leverage success through agreements to share values and principles using measurable methodologies. This mechanism of measuring human well-being allows us to understand how to scale legality.

Perfected Currents distributing Wholeness becomes the rule at all levels bypassing obsolete corporate and political Pyranomics.

The map for sharing voices and leadership and voting is hyperdimensional. Perfected distribution is ultimately hyperdimensional. The well-being map is “Wholo’Fractal Harmonic” to the resource map.

Our hyperdimensional skill to serve each other becomes real.

HD..XL.. and MD..XL.. HyperDimensional Xchange Liberation and MultiDimensional Xchange Liberation understand branching for perfected sharing.

Wholo’Currents gain energy and value-worth and velocity as they circulate, as they are better shared and become better designed.

Human interactions are about natural and sustainable well-being.

Wholonomics realizes that by creating value we gain the skills to achieve them. Measurements of well-being define economic success.

Wholotics, The Politics of the Whole is that part of the collective consciousness that is projectable, existing to create collective well-being. No other definition of value has long-term meaning. What to do in school and what to eat and so on actually coalesced by long-term measurements of an immortal character allowing us to create Wholotics based on real theory and practice. 

Wholonomics will flourish as the organizing principle behind designs.

Proof of Integrity (POI) Value are distributed as decentralized benefits.

Wholonomic Portals will have some centralized components but they will serve to achieve fully decentalized benefit distribution.

With our intimates, our communities and earth family, we re-embed human and life welfare.

Induced coherence creates a Flownet of Dimension Zero Potential and Possibilities into our shared space. Coherence Flow excites the spontaneous actions of activated actors.

Current Designs perfecting resource distribution. Efficient Currents conditions can achieve sustainability by shareable fields.

A function of Currents is to represent the sustainable and equitable flow of human energy balanced with resource creation.

Wholonomics will flourish as the organizing principle behind designs.

Wholonomics will flourish as the organizing principle behind designs.

“Principlonomics” is the fundamental understanding of that which is primary

Principles are fundamental truth. Original principles have applications across all fields.

Principles understood and applied form the governing compass for behavior that is morally accurate. All Religions of Love understand this.

Principles are the fundamental source or origination of WHAT IS. Prior to Psyche and World is Principle. Principles are Whole and All-pervading as space, with static and active aspects.

Principles fundamental nature determines every bit of everything. From Principles appear all phenomena.

Principles are the foundation of Wholonomic constructions.

We have been given minds that are in a direct manner, Whole so that we can work together, to benefit our community. We are here to help and love one another, to bring light to everyone we meet.

Whole Systems are the sum of its parts, plus its relationships, plus its systemic principles. This is how whole systems are greater than the sum of its parts.

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